For a flower to bloom in its full glory, time and patience are essential nourishments. From planting seeds to watering; from caring for the sprout to giving adequate exposure to sunlight; all is done to ensure the seed can grow into its fullest potential and blossom. This process is a metaphor for the relationship between Ünik Studio and Halogen Foundation.
The ‘H’ flower core, coded in the signature Yellow of Halogen Foundation,  marks the foundation of Ünik Studio’s early beginnings as an alumni of Halogen’s programmes. 
The “Ünik” petals symbolise how the brand has blossomed to fruition with the support from Halogen. Like elements of nature that represent life and renewal, Ünik sets out to radiate positive energy with their influence, wherever they may be.
The ‘Smiley Face’ symbolises the core mission of both organisations – dedicated to transforming lives and effecting a positive change in others.