Series 4: "Wowwild x Ünik Studio"
For the first time ever, Ünik Studio have collaborated with a local tattoo artist to come out with a collection in conjunction with Ünik Studio 1st year anniversary. In this collection, we would also like to celebrate and create an awareness for our local artist in Singapore, hence we name this campaign after #homegrown. These collection consist of 3 different design and focuses on the king of animal in jungle - Tiger. Making full use of red, orange and yellow as the main colour to showcase the spirit of the tiger such as; courage, joyful and determination. 
Design available for this series:
Design 1: Red - Uprightness (Limited to 100 pieces only)
Design 2: Yellow - Openness (Limited to 100 pieces only)
Design 3: Orange - Head of the King (Limited to 100 pieces only)