About Us

ÜNIK STUDIO was founded in 2017 as a platform for young designers to express themselves through fashion. Through the union of e-commerce and youth creativity, we uncover innate artistic acuity in young people around the world, sharing the stories of these newfound youth designers.
Each design possesses its own inimitable story, unique to and definitive of each young designer; each of these young creatives are proudly part of a larger collective, incrementally building a tight-knit community that expresses authenticity and resonates with others through design.
Over the past 4 years, ÜNIK STUDIO has swept the global market immeasurably, distributing these young designer works across a remarkable 27 different countries & cities, including the United Kingdom, France, Italy, New York, China, Singapore and more. In the coming years, we will ensure the emergence of more collaborative efforts and partnerships with a vast selection of fashion industry partners. Consequently, this will provide each young, aspiring designer an opportunity to build their own label and network with us.
We aim to educate and give guidance as the stepping stones for young talented designers across the globe. We promise to nurture and develop one young entrepreneur at a time in the fashion industry with us.
Find Us:
London Headquarters: Level 2, 123 Buckingham Palace Road, London SW1W 9SR
Singapore: Level 4, 2 Orchard Link Singapore 237938
Operating Time: 
Monday - Friday: 10am - 6pm (London Time)